A fantastic article as always, thanks for sharing. I did want to make one observation, however and in making it, I confess that I do not know if it is applicable to this particular case in question. In my research, I have come across a few situations in which accessibility tools do in fact return 0 errors. While this is extremely rare, one such cause appears to be certain accessibility overlays which do something to block browser-based accessibility tools from running correctly. I presented on the topic of accessibility overlays during a past Axe-con and one of the sites I referenced in my presentation did exactly this when in fact the site contained numerous code-level accessibility issues that should have been flagged. Again, this may not be relevant to this particular case at all, but I felt it worth mentioning as unfortunately, it is possible to thwart accessibility tools in such a way that they return 0 errors. This is particularly unfortunate because it creates an even greater false sense of security. Again, thanks so much for yet another awesome article, I look forward to each and every one. :)

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