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I'm so glad you wrote on this topic as I think it needs a great deal more focus than it's currently getting. While I obviously haven't tested every digital wallet out there, I've found accessibility of many to be sorely lacking. In one instance, I was using a wallet that went from very accessible to very inaccessible with an update, a situation that effectively locked me out of being able to access my own crypto assets until it was fixed.

The other area that could have interesting legal implications are ATM machines that effectively exchange digital currency into FIAT currency. I could be very wrong about this, but I'm guessing that these machines are likely not very accessible given how they operate. The question in my mind though is: Will the courts view these machines as ATM machines and subject them to the same requirements as traditional ATMs? And of course all this leaves out the other aspects of blockchain technology which, for many reasons, are even more exciting to think about than digital currency.

Thanks again for bringing some very much needed awareness to this important topic.

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