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I sing this song, particularly in the car, A LOT. And it has left me sobbing if I hear it in moments where the depression, anxiety and anger of the whole situation is really getting to me. Because while I might literally need the bar lowered at times, metaphorically I don't appreciate how my asking for benefits, accommodation or simply human decency is treated like I'm asking to be afforded "special treatment." Much the way people who fought for marriage rights for non-hetero couples were treated as if such a request was asking for "special rights" - because everyone had the same right to marry any member of the opposite sex that they wanted. But their willfully obtuse argument ignored a simple and basic distinction; that rights sometimes require context, and it's not about everyone having the exact same rights, but that rights afforded are relevant to their needs and wants, which gives everyone an equal footing. The right to marry any member of the opposite sex was of no use to gay couples, they needed the right to marry any consenting adult they choose, regardless of anyone's gender.

I have the right to seek financial stability, access to adequate and effective medical care, and a reasonably comfortable place to sit in waiting rooms - but how I seek or get access to such things is often different, in the context of my disabilities and my barriers.

For more songs I'm my main playlist, that help me accept just how tired I am and to keep remembering how screwed I'll without self-compassion, I recommend Shungudzo, "There's Only So Much a Soul Can Take," and Jess Glynn's "Don't Be So Hard On Yourself."

P.S. Sorry if it feels like I'm stalking you a bit, between LinkedIn and here. Discovered you tonight, by the weirdest search engine rabbit hole, and I'm admittedly binging your stuff a bit. Now I will try to make myself put the phone down and prepare to go to sleep before 2 am. The depression and the insomnia have created a self-sustaining super storm for the last several months - and I'm trying to get myself to shut it down. But I can be quite stubborn when I'm hassling myself. ;)

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